10 Years Continuous Business Development Concept

Dielheim/Heidelberg, Germany, 22 September 2009: Ten years ago, euroPLX (www.europlx.com) introduced the concept of "Continuous Business Development" with pharma partnering events, which are held several times a year and provide the necessary continuity for a much more productive business development.

The Continuous Business Development concept was created because of the realisation that partnering for business development is not an activity that is initiated and completed within a few weeks. Consequently, this led to the conclusion that once-a-year partnering events are not sufficiently suited to meet the requirements of seasoned business development professionals.

With this in mind, the organisers of the popular euroPLX event introduced the concept of "Continuous Business Development" with a second euroPLX Meeting in November 1999 after having held only one in each of the previous four years.

Now, after 10 years of pursuing the "Continuous Business Development" concept, three euroPLX Meetings per year appear to be an optimal number supporting the necessary productive continuity for the attending business development executives.

The registration deadline for the upcoming euroPLX 41 Barcelona will be on 15 October 2009. The event spaces are close to fully booked. Pharma and biopharma companies from 30 countries are currently registered, among them 28% newcomer companies which never had a delegate at a euroPLX Meeting before.

euroPLX 41 Barcelona will be held on November 2 + 3, 2009 in the Hilton Diagonal Mar, Barcelona, Spain.