Intelligent Pharma Partnering Hub Reduces Air Travel And CO2 Footprint


Heidelberg (Germany), 22 January 2020: Pharma Business Development is a job involving extensive business travels, which keeps many Business Development Executives travelling countries and continents more than half of their annual working time.

Heidelberg, Germany, based RauCon has spent 25 years designing, building, and constantly re-innovating a platform which lets executives communicate digitally and meet personally to discuss business opportunities on a global scale. More than 70% of RauCon’s customers use this platform since several years as their most important business tool, reducing their need to air travel by 80 to 90%.

Says Dr. Norbert Rau, Co-founder and Managing Director of RauCon: „Reducing our customers’ need for air travel results in a likewise reduction of their CO2 footprints. Currently we facilitate about 18,000 meetings annually between executives which would require a huge amount of air miles if they were to visit each other at their company locations. While such meetings are common at fairs, exhibitions, and mainstream partnering events, our new system allows for an unprecedented number of 25 to 29 pre-arranged meetings per company, which is a lot by any standards.“

Commenting the Davos World Economic Forum’s 2020 topic „climate change“, Rau adds: „It must be appreciated that the world’s politicians and top company leaders acknowledge the necessity to act, but the media’s focus on the elite ignores the fact that ten-thousands or hundred-thousands of less known small and medium-sized companies are already working on CO2 reduction while others still talk.“

About RauCon

RauCon GmbH & Co KG of Heidelberg, Germany, is a business development service provider for the global pharmaceutical industry with regular customers in 86 countries.