Last Important Pharma Partnering Event for 2019


Cascais, Portugal, 26 November 2019. With 21.8 pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings per company euroPLX 71 Lisbon stayed slightly behind the usual euroPLX average but above that of competing partnering events. The 71st euroPLX Pharma Partnering Conference was attended by delegates of 144 companies from 37 countries. Italy, Germany, and Spain were represented by the highest number of companies, followed by the UK, Switzerland, France, Portugal, and the Netherlands.

20.8% of the companies present at euroPLX 71 Lisbon were newcomers whose delegates never attended a euroPLX conference before. Even after more than 70 successful euroPLX Partnering Conferences RauCon manages to attract 15 to 20% first-timers to each euroPLX Pharma Partnering Conference.