More Than 4,000 Business Discussions for Pharma Companies From 40 Countries


Munich, Germany, 11 June 2013. With a stunning average of 24.8 pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings per company and more than 4,000 appointments in total plus numerous meetings which have been arranged between delegates outside of the regular sessions, euroPLX 52 Munich again upheld its reputation as a benchmark for pharma partnering productivity. Almost half of the participating delegates had meeting after meeting for two days with no single half hour left open for a break, except for the quick lunches.

Delegates came from 40 countries, spanning the globe from Iceland to South Africa, and from Japan to the U.S.A. with the largest non-European group being from India. Also China and Brazil showed a strong presence.

There is a marked trend for regional subsidiaries of medium-sized and major pharmaceutical companies to attend euroPLX Meetings to pursue very specific business development objectives: Abbott do Brasil, Actavis Spain S.A., Bayer Turkey, Novartis Asia Pacific, Pfizer Italy, Polpharma Turkey, Sandoz do Brasil, Sandoz Asia Pacific, Sanofi do Brasil were among the companies represented at euroPLX 52 Munich.

The interest in products was almost evenly distributed between hospital, practitioner, and consumer products, mostly with marketing approval, but also in phase III (38%) or lower phase development. 60% of the companies were active in patented drugs, 84% in generics, and 13% in biosimilars. The interest in prescription products (90%) dominated that in OTC (58%) and food supplements (36%). The interest in medical devices (38%) is becoming stronger at each euroPLX Meeting.

The next euroPLX Meeting is open for registration and will be held in Barcelona, Spain, on 25 and 26 November 2013.

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