New Partnering System Promises Maximum Business Development Results


Dielheim/Heidelberg 22 July 2013. Starting with euroPLX 53 Barcelona which will be held on 25 and 26 November 2013, euroPLX will introduce a newly designed two-phase partnering system. It will combine an online meeting request phase which allows participants to request business meetings according to importance attached, and a subsequent ask-and-accept phase that serves to complete the meeting schedules which already contain the delegates' most important appointments.

The latter resembles the partnering systems that are used by mainstream pharmaceutical and biotechnology partnering events, the former is a complete re-design of the priority-based scheduling system which euroPLX had in use for its partnering conferences since 1995 and which has proven to be superior concerning the yield of pre-scheduled, high-calibre business discussions.

The combination of both, however, is unique. It does not only combine the advantages of both systems, it allows registrants to exercise more control while providing a lot of flexibility in the run-up to the conference.

Says Dr. Norbert Rau, principal of consulting company RauCon business development and co-initiator of euroPLX: "We and our IT partners have worked hard for half a year to create an innovative concept and to design this new system. It was worth all the effort and investment. This new system is just great and will be one of the most powerful online partnering instruments around. And users will like that they can handle the system with tablet computers and even smart phones, although the latter can be a little cumbersome…"

The euroPLX partnering platform is a year-round, continuous business development instrument for the pharmaceutical industry which culminates in three partnering conferences per year.

euroPLX 53 Barcelona is open for online registration at