New euroPLX Partnering System provides Record Number of One-on-one Meetings


Cascais/Lisbon, 1 April 2014. Exactly 300 business development executives of exactly 200 pharmaceutical and biotech companies from 37 countries convened for the 54th time in the scenic Atlantic town of Cascais, not far from Lisbon, Portugal to discuss business opportunities in over 5,500 peer-to-peer meetings on March 31st and April 1st. No other euroPLX Conference before had attracted that many delegates.


The organisers attribute the markedly increased interest in euroPLX to its new online partnering system which is in place since late 2013.


The new euroPLX Online Partnering System is the logical consequence of more than 50 successfully held euroPLX Conferences which yielded an abundance of customer feedback and experience with partnering processes that have incessantly been refined over the years. All this went into the development of a most advanced online partnering system which is as closely aligned with real-world business development needs as possible.


The euroPLX partnering software combines efficiency with flexibility through a unique and innovative 2-phase design. The first phase allows to schedule unilaterally requested priority meetings, while the second phase facilitates bilaterally agreed meetings. The former is targeted, entirely importance-led, and with a high probability of being considered by the automatic scheduling system. The latter is interaction-led and the scheduling of a requested meeting is determined by availability and communication.


The new system allows all delegates to keep complete online control of the matchmaking, scheduling and entire pre-conference process. This unique method allowed companies to schedule an average of 27.6 one-on-one meetings each (or an average of 18.4 per delegate).


With its business-only approach and exclusive admittance of business development responsibles only, euroPLX is more targeted than any other partnering conference of the pharma and biotech industries.


Contrary to other partnering events which limit a registrant’s access and interaction to the scope of a single event, euroPLX is user-account based, i.e. attendees control all past and future euroPLX Conferences which they have attended or will attend, including their participation history, past conference documents, contacts, etc.


Says Dr. Norbert Rau, president of RauCon business development, the organisers of euroPLX: „This makes a huge difference when it comes to using a partnering concept not just for a single, discrete event, but as an important year-round business development tool.“


The next one will be euroPLX 55 Vienna, which will be held on June 23 + 24, 2014, in the Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen, in Vienna, Austria. Registrations are accepted online on and early birds save when registering before 23 April.