Pharma Business Development Key Players from 37 Countries to Gather at euroPLX 59 Athens!


Heidelberg, 28 September 2015. Two months before the 59th euroPLX conference which will be held on November 23 and 24, 2015, in Athens, Greece, the companies currently registered come from 37 different countries including 25 European countries in addition to the US, Canada, China, Pakistan, India, Singapore, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and others. Greek companies, of course, represent the largest national group.

The interest of foreign companies in the forthcoming euroPLX 59 Athens (23 and 24 November) as a platform for discussing strategic collaborations with Greek pharmaceutical companies is remarkable. This euroPLX conference is set to become one of the largest autumn conferences of euroPLX since 20 years. It is a good indicator for the worldwide interest in the Greek pharmaceutical industry.

The business opportunities offered and sought by the current registrants range from prescription drugs (85%) to OTC (68%) to orphan drugs (34%) and food supplements (43%). Medical devices enjoy an increasing interest at euroPLX conferences as almost half of the participating companies are interested in related items. All therapeutic areas are represented, ranging from a modest 47% for ophthalmological and immunological drugs to as high as 75% for pain, CNS, neurology, and gastroenterology.

Focusing on one-on-one business meetings only, euroPLX has become the world’s most often held pharma partnering conference since 1995.