Spring Starts With Benchmark Setting Numbers for euroPLX


Cascais, Portugal, 6 March 2018. Sacrificing their lunch breaks in order to exploit as many of the hugely attractive business opportunities as possible, euroPLX 66 Lisbon attendees drove the average number of pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings to an unprecedented 30.5 per attending company. Breaking down this number to individual registrants with one-on-one meetings on their own results 23.6 business discussions on average. This is way above the average number of scheduled meetings for companies or individuals which ordinary partnering events deliver. It is a direct result of the euroPLX partnering concept and its two-phase online partnering and scheduling system.

Surpassing 30 scheduled partnering meetings per participating company, euroPLX has set a new benchmark for the partnering conference business.

euroPLX 66 Lisbon which was held on March 5 + 6, 2018 was attended by more than 250 companies from 45 countries and five continents. Prescription drugs attracted most of the interest, in particular generics and biosimilars, but almost 70% of the companies had business in patented drugs, too. Medical devices continued to be of increasing interest, and diagnostics, until recently negligible items at euroPLX, seem to gain increasing interest, too.

The forthcoming 67th euroPLX Conference, euroPLX 67 Noordwijk (Netherlands) will be held on June 11 + 12, 2018, and registration is in full progress. Details: www.europlx.com