euroPLX 57 Lisbon now open for registration


Heidelberg, 12 May 2014. Year-round business development opportunities instead of single, discrete events is what euroPLX sets aparts from other partnering conferences. Being user-account based, attendees control all past and future euroPLX Conferences which they have attended or will attend, providing an unmatched business development tool for ongoing company partnering.


This includes an efficient partnering information exchange between registered delegates months in advance of each euroPLX Conference, which is open for registration about 10 months prior to the conference date. Currently, euroPLX 55 Vienna (Austria, June 23 + 24, 2014), euroPLX 56 Nice (France, November 17 + 18, 2014), and, most recently added, euroPLX 57 Lisbon (Portugal, March 9 + 10, 2015) are open for online registration on


„Success at a partnering conference largely depends on preparation and pre-conference information exchange“ says Dr. Norbert Rau, president of RauCon business development, the organisers of euroPLX, „which is why a euroPLX registrant can begin to use the online partnering tools of euroPLX right after confirmed registration, not just a few weeks before the event.“


With an average of up to more than 27 pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings for each attending company during the two-days conference, euroPLX is a benchmark for all other partnering events around.