euroPLX Introduces Bell Club Loyalty Programme


Heidelberg, Germany, May 18, 2015. Returning, loyal customers are a trademark of euroPLX Partnering Conferences. More than 100 business development executives have attended 10 times or more often during the past few years. 22 deal makers have attended more than 20 times, four of them even more than 30 times. In other words: they attended more than half of all euroPLX Conferences which have been held since 1995.

In order to honour this exceptional customer loyalty, euroPLX now introduces the „euroPLX Bell Club Loyalty Programme“ starting with its 59th Conference, euroPLX 59 Athens, which will be held on November 23 + 24, 2015, in Athen’s most prestigious Hotel Grande Bretagne, a member of the Starwoods Luxury Collection.

euroPLX customers who have attended 10 times will automatically become members of the „Bell Club“. The name refers to a well-liked euroPLX tradition of honouring the 20th attendance with a sumptuously crafted, miniature bell. It is a fancied replica of the bell which is rang at euroPLX Conferences to mark the end of a one-on-one meeting. The Silver, Gold, and Platinum Bell Club members will enjoy substantial discounts on the registration fee and on all sponsorship options for all future autumn euroPLX Conferences. The „Autumn Budget Saver“ will help to ease the year-end budget strain.

„I have obvious reason to doubt that any of the pharma or biotech partnering conferences around have that many returning customers who have attended that often. This is what makes euroPLX unique.“ says Dr. Norbert Rau, president of RauCon business development who invented and designed euroPLX 20 years ago, and continues: „We want to give back to our loyal customers, who have chosen euroPLX as their most important platform for business deals.“

euroPLX is short for „European Pharma License Exchange“, which was its original name and purpose when it started 20 years ago. Today, supporting the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with more than 10,000 pre-arranged business negotiations per year, euroPLX has become the place for many types of business agreements such as co-development, marketing, distribution, contract manufacture, mergers and acquisitions. Although late development stage product candidates are an important matter of interest, the majority of negotiations is about approved products: chemical drugs, biologics, biosimilars, medical devices, and food supplements. Prescription drugs for practitioners and hospitals have predominated so far, but OTC products are rapidly gaining ground in the negotiations.