euroPLX Introduces Tool to Overcome Reject vs. Accept Dilemma in Partnering

Dielheim/Heidelberg, Germany, 8 October 2010: Most partnering event organisers provide an online possibility to reject the meeting request of another company; this has been criticised as unprofessional with good reason.

Says Dr. Norbert Rau, President of RauCon business development: "Our surveys have shown that the rejecting practice is inappropriate and counter-productive. The urge to reject is based on poor or missing information, information that could have been withheld because of the size and attractiveness of the business opportunity offered! The possibility to reject a request by the click of the mouse, which is featured by most partnering conferences, will eliminate exactly those business opportunities."

On the other side, a strict obligation to accept the other company's request, often leads to irritation, when an ill-informed requesting delegate wastes the requested company's time although there is no basis for mutual business.

euroPLX Meetings now feature a new and easy to operate online tool which leads to verification of a doubtful request and, if the request is not justified, to a withdrawal by the requesting party. At the same time this will further raise the overall quality of appointment requests.

The new online tool will be operational for the first time during the pre-meeting phase of euroPLX 44 Barcelona (Spain), which will be held at November 8 + 9, 2010.