euroPLX Partnering Conferences Celebrate 20 Years Anniversary


Heidelberg, 14 April 2015. What a difference between the first euroPLX Partnering Conference on June 20, 1995, and the 58th that will be held on June 1 + 2, 2015, in Munich, Germany! Then, barely anyone had an email address to communicate and the entire pre-conference partnering process had to be done by - yes! - fax. Now, twenty years later, all of this is done online, on tablet computers and on smart phones, using the latest technology and one of the most efficient scheduling systems for one-on-one meetings around. Each euroPLX Partnering Conference is preceded with several thousand platform-supported email communications between the delegates whose information exchange determines the outcome of their negotiations at the conference.

In 1995, euroPLX started as the „European Pharma License Exchange“. But now, supporting the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with more than 10.000 pre-arranged business negotiations per year, euroPLX has become the place for many types of business agreements such as co-development, marketing, distribution, contract manufacture, mergers and acquisitions. Although late development stage product candidates are an important matter of interest, the majority of discussions is about approved products: chemical drugs, biologics, biosimilars, medical devices, and food supplements. Prescription drugs for practitioners and hospitals have predominated so far, but OTC products are rapidly gaining ground in the negotiations.

Geographically, euroPLX has been global from the onset. The almost 1,500 companies whose business development executives have attended euroPLX are headquartered in 80 countries around the globe. 35 to 40 countries are represented at each conference.

With 58 conferences in 20 years, euroPLX is not only the most often held pharma partnering conference worldwide, it is also the only partnering conference which can produce a long list of delegates who have attended more than 20 times, many of them even more than 30 times.

„That’s exceptional customer loyalty. These extremely busy decision makers do not return because they want to spend some quality time with us and enjoy our fabulous networking dinner. They come for results. Just business, nothing else.“ says Dr. Norbert Rau, who invented and designed the euroPLX platform together with his wife and partner, Anke Rau. And he adds „Of course, euroPLX is being copied bluntly, and copycats have come and gone. But to copy the appearance is one thing, to copy the quality, dedication, customer orientation, and spirit is the other, much more difficult side of copying.“

Many reasons to celebrate the 20 Years Anniversary at euroPLX 58 Munich, indeed. It will be held on June 1 and 2, at the 5-star Sofitel Hotel Bayerpost in the heart of Munich. Registrations are accepted online at