euroPLX delivered more than 10,400 one-on-one meetings in 2014


Heidelberg, 16 December 2014. The new euroPLX Online Partnering System which has now been in place for one full year delivered more than 10,400 pre-scheduled business negotiations in 2014. It combines efficiency with flexibility through a unique and innovative two-phase design. The first phase allows the scheduling of unilaterally requested priority meetings, while the second facilitates bilaterally agreed meetings. This combination ensures that the scheduling of a delegate’s most important meeting requests - and customer’s satisfaction - is guaranteed while the less important requests are only scheduled if both parties agree


The system allows delegates to keep complete online control of matchmaking, scheduling and all pre-conference processes. And because euroPLX is user-account based, attendees also control all past and future euroPLX Conferences that they have attended or will attend, with access to data like participation history, past conference documents, contacts, etc.


The 57th euroPLX partnering conference which will be held on March 9 + 10, 2015, in Cascais near Lisbon, Portugal, is now in full registration process. Registration is done online on