RauCon’s euroPLX and asiaPLX Marketplaces for Pharma Business Opportunities are a lot more than plain partnering events. They represent a 27 years old business-only partnering concept: no lectures, no presentations, no keynotes, shows, stunts, or performances. Just business, in-person and digital.

The Marketplaces euroPLX and asiaPLX include an in-person event and a video exchange platform for licensing, marketing, promotion, and distribution. Each Marketplace runs on one of the most advanced online platforms.

The video explains the euroPLX and asiaPLX partnering process. For more details see the „Questions and Answers“ below.

What exactly do the Marketplaces offer?

Appreciated across the world, the Marketplaces for Pharma Business Opportunities offer exactly that: access to opportunities for licensing, co-development, co-marketing, co-distribution, contract manufacture, company acquisition, etc.

They are an online exchange for business opportunities and a platform to arrange either real (in-person) or virtual (video) business meetings, or both. It is the ideal tool for the business development executive:

• Extensive online information exchange of pharma business opportunities.

• Two days of well organised, in-person face-to-face meetings.

• Pre-arranged additional, follow-up, stand-alone or alternate video meetings during the week before and the two weeks after the in-person event.

Arranged meetings can be switched from "in-person" to video mode anytime.

Who makes use of the Marketplace?

euroPLX and asiaPLX Marketplaces are the professional platform of choice for Pharma and Biopharma Decision Makers who are in charge of business development and licensing in and out: CEOs, owners of medium-sized drug producers, vice presidents, directors, managers with decision power. The focus is on business development.

What kind of companies are admitted?

The Marketplaces for Pharma Business Opportunities are for delegates of companies that develop, manufacture, wholesale, or distribute human or veterinary drugs and their intermediates, derma-cosmetics, food supplements, or medical devices, i.e. companies that handle the real product. This includes CMOs and CROs.

Persons or organisations who do not belong to the above mentioned groups of industries as well as individual professionals will not be accepted as participants. This includes consultants, head hunters, investment firms, patent attorneys, industry associations, and similar organisations and individuals.

Companies whose delegates cannot be accepted as regular registrants have the possibility to be present as a sponsor and display the offers in the foyer. See „What are my sponsorship opportunities?“

In exceptional cases license brokers, licensing consultants or other service companies are admitted, too, provided that they are either acting on behalf of a client or are recommended by one of our previous attendees AND have a clear mandate to license (in or out). Supporting evidence is required.

What if a non-eligible company or person registers?

RauCon will not accept the registration. An exception is made for license brokers or consultants provided that

(a) they can prove that they have an ongoing mandate by a pharma client to in-license or out-license a product or technology, or

(b) they have invested in own product rights which they seek to sell.

If RauCon receives a registration by a company that is unknown to the organisers, RauCon will verify the nature of its business. If there is no evidence that the company is a pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical developer, manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, intermediates supplier, or technology provider, RauCon will regret not to accept the registration.

Companies whose delegates cannot be accepted as regular registrants have the possibility to be present as a sponsor and display the offers in the foyer. See „What are my sponsorship opportunities?“

What are my sponsorship opportunities?

Each euroPLX or asiaPLX Marketplace is a unique opportunity to showcase your company's products and services to executives who are in charge of their companies’ business development. For details, please download the Sponsorship Opportunities Flyer (PDF) in the respective euroPLX or asiaPLX section.

What’s the procedure after registration?

The procedure is described in detail in a „Guide“ which you can download as PDF file after registration. In short:

First post your business opportunities online in a restricted area and study those of other registered companies. This includes opportunities which you offer or which you seek.

Decide anytime (preferably before fixing any meetings) whether you plan to attend the 2-days in-person Meetings Event plus the two Video Meetings periods or only the latter.

In good time prior to the opening of Marketplace you will be prompted to indicate your availability at the 2-days Meetings Event and/or for Video Meetings periods. You can update this anytime.

Interact online with Executives of other companies and fix personal meetings with the most promising ones. Arrange and have pre-event video meetings with other delegates up to 7 days prior to the event before you meet personally - the most efficient way to prepare for an effective business meeting, and a unique Marketplace facility!

Meet in person with the most important prospects at the 2-days Meetings Event.

Make use of RauCon’s renowned opportunity for informal contacts at the Networking Dinner Buffet (attire: business suit or smart casual) during the evening of the first day.

Arrange and have additional, follow-up, stand-alone or alternate video meetings within the 14 days following the Meetings Event.

Extended value: Communicate and interact with other participants through your RauCon User Account even after the Marketplace is closed!

How many face-to-face meetings can I arrange?

As many as required. The number of meetings that you can arrange is limited only by the interest of the other parties to meet you and by the number of half-hour time slots during the 2-days Meetings Event and the number of full-hour time slots during the Video Meetings periods one week before and two weeks after the 2-days Meetings Event.

What if my Meetings Event time slots are fully booked?

Arrange as many alternative video meetings during the Video Meetings periods before and after the 2-days Face-to-Face Meetings Event.

With the unprecedented flexibility of the Marketplace there is no need to miss any business.

What if my half-hour event meeting is too short?

If the half-hour face-to-face meeting at the Meetings Event proves to be too short, arrange full-hour follow-up video meetings for the Video Meetings period after the event with your meeting partner right on the spot - as many as needed!

What if I am unable to travel?

Now there is no need anymore to cancel and discard the work and time which you already invested.

If you know your inability to travel right from the beginning, switch your attendance mode from „Meetings Event + Video Meetings“ to „Video Meetings Only“ and adjust your availability for video meetings for the Video Meetings periods before and after the Meetings Event.

If you encounter travel restrictions or conflicting business obligations on short notice, the online system will support your moving already fixed event meetings to post-event video mode. When done, block the vacated time slots for the 2-days Meetings Event.

It is as easy as that. With the Marketplace there is no need to miss any business.

Is the venue too far from your home place?

If the venue is too far from your home place but you want to have meetings with the registered companies nevertheless, arrange video meetings for the Video Meetings periods only.

With the Marketplace there is no need to miss any business.

What if I don't like video meetings?

Easy. Just do not indicate any availability during the two Video Meetings periods.

However, you might be asked by others to make yourself available for video meetings. You could miss business if you don't.

What about video meetings security?

RauCon Marketplaces do not use freeware video tool which can easily be wiretapped and make a partnering discussion vulnerable.

Being among the very few partnering platforms which are user account based RauCon’s euroPLX and asiaPLX allow participants to use fully licensed video facilities which are integrated in protected user accounts and run in a secure cloud environment.

Will different time zones affect video communication?

No, the system will recognise your and your partner’s time zones and adjust your agendas accordingly.

How does euroPLX differ from asiaPLX?

They are identical. Both have a global audience but are held in different regions, euroPLX in Europe and asiaPLX in Asia.

Are there any discounts or bonuses?

RauCon offers a Very Early and an Early Registration Bonus for Registrants who register four (4) and two (2) months prior to the first Meetings Event day of euroPLX and asiaPLX, and a discount of €200 for additional delegates who opt to have the same one-on-one meetings as the main delegate.

Beyond that there are no special discounts. An attendee’s decision to attend the video meetings part only will not lead to any discount or reimbursement.

What about accommodation and travel costs?

Delegates are responsible for their own accommodation and travel costs. However, our hotel partners usually offer preferential rates until a cut-off date approx. 3-4 weeks before the Meetings Event as specified in the "Fee and Conditions" in each euroPLX or asiaPLX section.

Which countries do attendees come from?

On average, each euroPLX or asiaPLX sees companies from 43 countries, always from at least four continents of the world. Companies from 86 countries have been using this truly global platform for business deals and continue to do so.

What are the attending companies’ partnering objectives?

The partnering focus of each euroPLX or asiaPLX is determined by the participating companies’ business interests and is displayed as "Dynamic Partnering Focus" on as soon as the necessary data have been submitted by the registrants.

Before registering, how do I know whether suitable partners will attend?

Apart from the "Dynamic Partnering Focus“, the euroPLX and asiaPLX event sections display lists of registered and confirmed companies. These lists are updated automatically. RauCon user account holders can log in and search the available partnering information for keywords without registering for an event; the system will display the number of hits.

Since not all registrants submit their partnering information right away, the number of search hits will increase towards the end of the registration period.

Can I communicate with other delegates?

Yes, you can. 23 days prior to the Meetings Event you can see the names of the other companies’ delegates and contact them by means of a contact tool. This tool is still available after all face-to-face and video meetings are done.

How do I request meetings with others?

During the matchmaking period you can study the business opportunities of the other registrants, communicate and mutually agree to meet, either in-person during the 2-days Meetings Event or via video during the two Video Meetings periods before and after the Meetings Event.

Meeting requests are submitted, accepted or declined in an agenda tool which also provides access to the video tool at the agreed time.

What if I have special meal requirements?

The hotels’ capabilities to cater for the meal requirements of different cultures vary considerably. However, as a general rule, we order food which does not contain any pork items, just beef, lamb, poultry and seafood. We also ask the hotel to label all dishes.

Vegetarian food is usually not much of a problem although the hotel chef’s understanding of “vegetarian” may differ from what vegetarians are used to. Nevertheless, we aim to include up to 40% vegetarian items, which is not an easy task in typical meat-eating countries.

Kosher food is often not much of a problem, provided it is ordered at least 10 days prior to the conference, but cannot be guaranteed, because external, approved sources are not always available.

In any case, if you have special meal requirements, please contact the RauCon Team well in advance.

If I plan to attend regularly, what are my options?

If you plan to attend regularly, you can save substantially with a Frequent Attendee Subscription (FAS).

The Frequent Attendee Subscription (FAS) is a standing order whereby a company buys credit for attending three (3) or more RauCon Marketplaces in advance at a discounted price. The subscription is owned by the company, not by a particular delegate. The subscription covers euroPLX and asiaPLX Marketplaces.

The online system will consider FAS automatically when one of the FAS holding company’s delegates registers for a forthcoming euroPLX or asiaPLX. The first delegate’s registration fee is covered by the subscription and all further delegates will be invoiced separately at the same favourable conditions after having registered.

For an offer please write to

Are there more benefits for a frequent attendee?

Yes, there are. Individuals (not companies!) who have attended 10 times automatically enter the RauCon Bell Club as a Silver Bell Club Member. The status changes to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond for attending 20, 30, 40 times.

Apart from being acknowledged as a Bell Club Member on the name badge, in the „Who is Who?“, and in the online listings, Bell Club Members enjoy a separate Bell Club Member Check-in at each Meetings Event as well as hotel room upgrades whenever available. They are invited to attend the complimentary Bell Club Get-together on the evening before the Meetings Event which is a valuable information exchange among experienced business development insiders.

Who are the Organisers?

euroPLX® (historically „European Pharma License Exchange“) and asiaPLX® were designed by and are Europe registered trademarks of RauCon.

As a top-performing B2B service organisation RauCon supports the business development objectives of healthcare companies from 86 countries by means of interactive platforms which allow the digital and personal exchange of business opportunities on a global scale.

Having organised partnering events in Europe, North America, and Australia since 1987, RauCon has pioneered the Pharma License Exchange concept in 1995, a novel business development platform for the pharmaceutical industry and at the same time the world’s first no-lecture, no-presentation, just business partnering event which has been transformed into the Marketplace for Pharma Business Opportunities in 2020 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of euroPLX.

Personal attention to detail and continuous innovation, and a focus on customers' needs to achieve results have made euroPLX the recognised leader in partnering events with about 18,000 facilitated in-person partnering negotiations per year, in addition to numerous video meetings. euroPLX is distinguished by an unmatched appointment-per-attendee ratio. asiaPLX is the Asian equivalent of euroPLX.

RauCon GmbH & Co. KG
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 9
69115 Heidelberg

Which companies attended previous events?

asiaPLX 1 Singapore (Singapore)

Singapore Meetings Event: 6 + 7 February 2023

Video Meetings Period: 30 January - 21 February 2023

56 Companies From 27 Countries Were Registered:

Accord Healthcare, Accord Healthcare Pty. Ltd., Acdima Biocenter, Ambica International Corporation, Anfarm Hellas S.A., Asia Pharma, Mongolia, Athena, Besins Healthcare, CCL Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd., Chemill Pharma, Delfarma Sp. z o.o., Deva Holding A.S., Difass International Spa, Difgen Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd, DKSH Management (Thailand) Limited, Dr. M. Newzella GmbH, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Limited, DRK Pharma Solutions, Farmak JSC, Ferrer Internacional, S.A., Fresenius Kabi SwissBioSim GmbH, Galenicum Health, Genepharm S.A., GPC Pharma Ecza Deposu Tic. Ltd., GxMed Healthcare, Hennig Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. KG, Intertek (Schweiz) AG, IVC Pragen GmbH, JGL d.d., Keri Pharma Hungary, Key Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Kwizda Pharma GmbH, Lo.Li. Pharma International Srl, Medochemie Ltd., Medsurge Healthcare, Natrapharm, Novugen Oncology SDN BHD, Novumgen Limited, NTC s.r.l., Olive Healthcare, Orbit Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacure Health Care International AB, Pharmathen Global B.V., Polifarma Pharmaceuticals, Remedica Ltd, Roelmi HPC Srl, Rosemont Pharmaceuticals Ltd, S-Lab, Strides Pharma Science Ltd, Tecnimede, S.A., Unither Pharmaceuticals, Unolab Manufacturing, Ursatec GmbH, Vektorpharm Ltd., Vianex S.A., XL Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

euroPLX 80 Athens (Greece)

Athens Meetings Event: 28 + 29 November 2022

Video Meetings Period: 21 November - 13 December 2022

109 Companies From 30 Countries Were Registered:

A2A Pharma AG, abc Farma / Direct Salud S.L., Accord Healthcare, Acme Generics, Acnos Pharma GmbH, Adalvo, Alvion Pharmaceuticals P.C, Anfarm Hellas S.A., Artesan Pharma GmbH, Avacare Global, Avita Group of Companies, Bauel Top S.a., Bausch Health, BePharBel Manufacturing SA, Besins Healthcare, BioAvenir Ltd, Biopharmos Consutling, BMG Pharma SpA, Capricorn Life Sciences B.V., China Meheco Corporation, CNX Therapeutics, Coripharma ehf, CTS Ltd., Demo Pharmaceuticals S.A., Difass International Spa, Difgen Pharmaceuticals Llc, Dr. M. Newzella GmbH, Epsilon Health, Ethypharm, Europharm SMC, Frike Pharma AG, Galen Ltd, Galvany Pharma Ltd, Genepharm S.A., Glenmark Pharmaceuticals S.r.o., GxMed Healthcare, Healthcare Pharma Solutions (hps), Hennig Arzneimittel GmbH & Co. KG, Hetero Europe S.L., InfectoPharm, Italfarmaco, IVC Pragen GmbH, JGL d.d., Kent Pharma, Kleva Pharmaceuticals S.A., Koru Lifescience Limited, Labatec Pharma SA, Labomed, Laboratoires Urgo Healthcare, Lamda Laboratories SA, Lo.Li. Pharma International Srl, Lonza, Lupin Healthcare UK Ltd., MAPBiopharma, Masrouji Group, Maxmind Pharmaceuticals, Medicair Bioscience Laboratories S.A., Medical Brands B.V., Medochemie Ltd., MENARINI Group, Midas Pharma GmbH, Minakem SAS, Morningside Healthcare Ltd, Neopharmed Gentili S.p.a., Nirial Pharma Srl, Nordic Pharma Ltd, Northstar Healthcare, Novumgen Limited, NTC s.r.l., Omikron Italia Srl, Orbit Pharmaceuticals, Orifarm Generics A/S, Paladin Pharma S.p.a., Pharma-Data SA, Pharma14, Pharmacure Health Care International AB, Pharmalink S.L., PharmaPath, Pharmathen Global B.V., Pharmavit APS, Pharmax Pharmaceuticals, Pharmazac, Pharmex S.A., Pizeta Pharma SpA, Polisano Pharmaceuticals S.A., Probelte Pharma, Slu, Probiotix Health Ltd., Rafarm SA, Raybow PharmaScience, Recipharm AB, Recordati, Rosemont Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Saja Pharmaceutical Company, Samon Ltd, Seid S.A., Selectchemie AG, Shenzhen Beimei Pharmaceutical, Sochim International, Stephar B.V., Symphar Sp. z.o.o., Synthon BV, Teva UK and Ireland, Unipharm Ltd., Unolab Manufacturing, Vektorpharm Ltd., Verfora Ltd., Vergo Pharma Laboratories Private Limited, Vianex S.A., Will-Pharma B.V.

euroPLX 79 Vienna (Austria)

Vienna Meetings Event: 13 + 14 June 2022

Video Meetings Period: 6 - 28 June 2022

191 Companies From 37 Countries Were Registered:

abc Farma / Direct Salud S.L., Abdi Ibrahim Pharmaceuticals, Accel Pharma Inc, Accord Healthcare, Acdima Biocenter, Acino International AG, Adalvo, Adamed Pharma S.A., Adare Pharma Solutions, Aldo-Unión, S.L., Alfred E. Tiefenbacher GmbH & Co. KG, Alkaloid AD Skopje, Alpha Pharma KSA, Anfarm Hellas S.A., AqVida GmbH, Aristo Pharma GmbH, Arrow Génériques, Artesan Pharma GmbH, Aspen Healthcare, Aspire Pharma Limited, Athena, Aurobindo Pharma Ltd, Avacare Global, Avernus Pharma, AV Medical CZ s.r.o., Axion, axunio Pharma GmbH, Batavia Pharma, Baxter, Besins Healthcare, Bharat Serums and Vaccines Ltd., Biem Ilac San. Ve Tic. A.s., BioAvenir Ltd, Biocon Ltd, Biohealing S.r.o., Biological E Limited, Bluepharma Industria Farmaceutica SA, BMG Pharma SpA, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd, California Greens Corporation, Calmino Group AB, Catalent Pharma Solutions, Centaur Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Chemineau, Chemo Iberica, S.A., China Medical System Holdings Limited, Content Group, Coripharma ehf, Denk Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, Deva Holding A.S., Devintec SAGL, Dexcel Pharma, Disproquima, Dr. Dohms Consulting, Dr. Reddys Laboratories, DRK Pharma Solutions, Drossapharm AG, E-Pharma Trento S.p.A., Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC, Elemental Machines, Elpen Pharmaceutical Co Inc, Enaltec Labs Pvt. Ltd., Esserre Pharma, Eva Pharma, Ever Pharma, Ever Pharma Therapeutics Spain Sl, Exeltis Germany GmbH, Extendis Pharma, Fagron Nederland B.v., Fareva, Farmak a.s., Farmaprojects S.A. / Polpharma B2B, Ferrer Internacional, S.A., Frike Pharma AG, FTF Pharma Pvt Ltd, G.L. Pharma GmbH, Galenica S.A., Galenicum Health, Galenika AD Belgrade, GALENpharma GmbH, Geiser Pharma, S.L., Genepharm S.A., Genericon Pharma Ges.m.b.H, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals S.r.o., Gonadosan Distribution GmbH, Goodwill Pharma Ltd., Gruppo Farmaimpresa Srl, GxMed Healthcare, Hasco-Lek S.A., Heaton k.s., Hetero Europe S.L., Hikma Pharmaceuticals, Ilko Ilac San. Ve Tic. A.s., Indoco Remedies Ltd., InfectoPharm, Innovis Pharma, Inovexa, Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Italfarmaco, IVC Pragen GmbH, Kalteq S.A., Key Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Kleva Pharmaceuticals S.A., Kéri Pharma Group, Labiana Pharmaceuticals, Labomed, Laboratoires Urgo Healthcare, Laboratorios Farmaceúticos Rovi, S.A., Laboratorios Salvat, S.A., Lainomedical, Laurus Labs, Lo.Li. Pharma International Srl, Lonza, Macleods Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Macleods Pharmaceuticals UK, Maiva Pharma Pvt Ltd, Manx Healthcare Ltd, Marinomed Biotech AG, Martin Dow Limited, Maxmind Pharmaceuticals, MCM Klosterfrau Vertriebs mbH, Medis D.o.o., Medis Pharma GmbH, Medochemie Ltd., Medpharm, Medreich Limited (Meiji Group), Mega Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd., Mistral Capital Management Limited, Morningside Healthcare Ltd, Nectar Life Sciences Limited, Neogen N.V., NOBEL ILAC SAN. VE TIC. A.S., Normon, Noventure, Novumgen Limited, oncomed manufacturing a.s., Orifarm Generics A/S, Perrigo, Pharma14, Pharmacenter Ltd, Pharma Line S.r.l., PharmaPath, Pharmatec Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, Pharmathen UK Ltd., Pharmavit APS, Pharmex S.A., Pharmkor AG, PharOS Ltd., Pinnacle Life Science Private Limited, Prime Pharmaceuticals Private Limited, Probi AB, Procaps S.A., Professional Dietetics International S.r.l., Queisser Pharma, Rafarm UK Limited, Reig Jofre Group, Rontis AG, S-Lab, Saja Pharmaceutical Company, Sandoz International GmbH, Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH, Sanova Pharma, Scalepharm AG, Shenzhen Beimei Pharmaceutical, Shilpa Medicare Ltd, Sidroga Pharma, Sochim International, Sofar Spa, Stada Arzneimittel GmbH, Stragen Pharma, Strides Pharma Group / Fairmed Healthcare AG, Sun Pharma, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries (Europe) BV, Synthon BV, Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Teva Pharmaceuticals SRL, Tobio Pharmaceuticals, Tolmar International Ltd, TRPharm, Trust Drug Store, Unolab Manufacturing, USV Private Limited, V-Ensure Pharma Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Velit Biopharma S.r.l., Vergo Pharma Laboratories Private Limited, Vinc Advisory, Welding GmbH & Co. KG, Wooshin Labottach Co., Ltd., Zentiva Group a.s., Zentiva UK, Zim Laboratories Ltd

euroPLX 78 Lisbon/Cascais (Portugal)

Lisbon Meetings Event: 4 + 5 April 2022

Video Meetings Period: 28 March - 19 April 2022

257 Companies From 43 Countries Were Registered:

2care4 Generics ApS, AAA Pharma GmbH, AB Biotek, abc Farma / Direct Salud S.L., Abdi Ibrahim Pharmaceuticals, Accel Pharma Inc, Accord Healthcare, Acic Europe Limited, Adalvo, Adamed Pharma S.A., Advanz Pharma, Advent International, Alfred E. Tiefenbacher GmbH & Co. KG, Alissa Healthcare Research Limited, Alkaloid AD Skopje, Allergika Pharma GmbH, Alvion Pharmaceuticals P.C, Alvogen Pharma, Anfarm Hellas S.A., Apontis Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, APR Applied Pharma Research S.A., AqVida GmbH, Arac Healthcare, Artesan Pharma GmbH, Aspire Pharma Limited, Athena, Aurobindo Pharma Ltd, Avernus Pharma, AV Medical CZ s.r.o., Avogadro Ls, Basic Pharma Holding BV, Bene Farmacêutica, BePharBel Manufacturing SA, Besins Healthcare, BioAvenir Ltd, Biocon Ltd, Biofarma Pharmaceutical, Biofarma Spa, Biofarm Sp. Z.o.o., Biolab Farmaceutica Ltda, Biomed AG, Biose, Bitop AG, Bluepharma Industria Farmaceutica SA, Brill Pharma S.L., Brown & Burk UK Ltd, Cantabria Labs, Catalent Pharma Solutions, Centrient Pharmaceuticals, Chanelle Pharma, Cloverty, Consilient Health Limited, Coripharma ehf, Curalife Ltd, Curida, Cyndea Pharma, Desitin Arzneimittel GmbH, Deva Holding A.S., Develco Pharma Schweiz AG, Devintec, Dexcel Pharma, Dietopack Srl, Difass International Spa, Dr. M. Newzella GmbH, Dr. Max Pharma, DRK Pharma Solutions, Drogsan Pharmaceuticals, DR Pharma S.A., Dávi Farmacêutica, EirGen Pharma Ltd, Elpen Pharmaceutical Co Inc, EQL Pharma AB, Esserre Pharma, Esteve Pharmaceuticals, S.A., Ethypharm, Eureco Pharma, Eva Pharma, Everest Organics Ltd, Ever Pharma, EVER Valinject GmbH, Expanscience SA, Extendis Pharma, FAES Farma, S. A., Fagron Nederland B.v., Farmak JSC, Farmalider Group, Ferrer Internacional, S.A., Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals N.T.M. S.p.A., Flavine Europe GmbH, Fresenius Kabi, Frike Pharma AG, Galenicum Health, GALENpharma GmbH, GAP S.A., GC Biopharma, Gebro Pharma, Geiser Pharma, S.L., Genepharm S.A., Genericon Pharma Ges.m.b.H, Genetic SpA, Genveon Pharmaceuticals, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Europe Limited, GP Pharm SA, GxMed Healthcare, Hartington Pharmaceutical, S.l., Hasco-Lek S.A., Hayat Pharmaceutical Industries Co. Plc, Healthwatchswiss A.G., Helm AG, Helm France Sarl, Hemofarm AD, Hikma Pharmaceuticals, Holsten Pharma GmbH, Hovione, Inbiotech Ltd, InfectoPharm, Inovexa, Inpharma S.p.A, Institut Allergosan, Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd., International Health Science Srl, Intertek (Schweiz) AG, Inventia Healthcare Private Limited, ISDIN, Italfarmaco, IV&C International Venture and Consulting, Jamp Pharma Corp., Jed Pharma, JGL d.d., Juno Pharma SA, Kamada Ltd, Kern Pharma, S.L., Komot Pharmaceutical, Kwizda Pharma GmbH, Kéri Pharma Group, Labatec Pharma SA, Laboratoires Urgo Healthcare, Laboratorios Alter S.A., Laboratorios Argenol, Laboratorios Basi S.A., Laboratorios Farmaceúticos Rovi, S.A., Laboratorios Salvat, S.A., Laboratorios Saval S.A., Laboratório Medinfar, S.A., Lacer S.A., Lainomedical, Lamda Laboratories SA, Lo.Li. Pharma International Srl, Luye Pharma Switzerland, MAPBiopharma, Marjan Pharmaceuticals, Masrouji Group, Maxmind Pharmaceuticals, Medac GmbH, Medichem S.A., Medis D.o.o., Medis ehf., Meditop Pharmaceutical Ltd., Medreich Plc, MedServa GmbH, MENARINI Group, Miat S.p.A., Midas Pharma GmbH, Mistral Capital Management Limited, Morningside Healthcare Ltd, Neogen N.V., Newbury Pharmaceuticals AB, Nirial Pharma Srl, NOBEL ILAC SAN. VE TIC. A.S., Normon, Noucor, Nova Argentia S.r.l., Noventure, NTC s.r.l., Omega Pharma Srl, Omikron Italia Srl, oncomed manufacturing a.s., OpenDoors Pharma, Orifarm Generics A/S, OtCEM Pharmaceuticals SL, Pharma14, Pharmactive, Pharmactive Biotech Products, Sl, Pharmacure Health Care International AB, Pharmalinea Ltd., Pharma Line S.r.l., Pharmalink, PharmaMatch B.V., Pharmathen UK Ltd., Pharmavit APS, Pharmax Pharmaceuticals, Pharmex Advanced Laboratories S.L., Pharmia Oy, Pharminnova Private Company, PharOS Ltd., Pizeta Pharma SpA, PMV Life Science Pvt. Ltd., Polifarma Pharmaceuticals, Polpharma S.A., Prange Pharma GmbH, Precisionbiotics Ltd, Probi AB, Procare Health, Professional Dietetics International S.r.l., Qualix Pharma, S.l., Queisser Pharma, Recipharm AB, Reig Jofre Group, Rekah Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Remedica Ltd, Ridge Pharma, Rivopharm SA, Rivopharm UK Ltd, Rontis AG, Rosemont Pharmaceuticals Ltd, S-Lab, Samon Ltd, Sandoz, Sandoz International GmbH, Sanova Pharma, Sano Vita Srl, Selectchemie AG, Shilpa Medicare Ltd, SK Pharma, Skyepharma, Sochim International, SolPharma Ltd, Spimaco, Stada Arzneimittel AG, Strides, Substipharm, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries (Europe) BV, Sushen Medicamentos Pvt. Ltd., Symphar Sp. z.o.o., Synthon BV, Tabuk, Tarchomińskie Zakłady Farmaceutyczne Polfa S.a., Tecnimede, S.A., Tenshi Kaizen Ltd, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Thornton & Ross Ltd, Tolmar International Ltd, Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Torrent Pharma GmbH, Towa Pharmaceutical, Unipharm Ltd., Unison Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, Unither Pharmaceuticals, Unolab Manufacturing, Ursatec GmbH, V-Ensure Pharma Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Venture Life Limited, Vergo Pharma Laboratories Private Limited, Welding GmbH & Co. KG, Wooshin Labottach Co., Ltd., Zentiva Group a.s., Zentiva UK