euroPLX 74 Athens - Registration Fee and Conditions

The Registration Fee and Conditions apply for all registrants and the companies represented by the registrants without exception and are acknowledged by the act of registration.

Video Meetings Period

23 November - 22 December 2020

Period and Scope of Services

The registration fee specified below entitles the registrant to 60 days of access to the business opportunities presented in the RauCon Marketplace for Pharma Business Opportunities starting on the day specified for each Marketplace. The package includes online information exchange, 26 days of communication and interaction, a 28-days online video meetings facility and a 2-days on-person event at the venue indicated. Making no or only partial use of the package will not qualify for any refund of part or all of the registration fee:

•    Pre-Marketplace: Access to the proprietary RauCon online system; upload of own business opportunities; access to the business opportunities of other companies.

•    Marketplace: Access to the proprietary RauCon online Marketplace exchange and the interactive tools provided for 26 days.

•    Venue Meetings Event: As outlined in the Programme, business lunch buffet, RauCon Dinner Buffet, all-day refreshments.

•    Video Meetings Period: 28 days of Video Meetings period for any number of pre-arranged follow-up, additional, or alternate meetings using Zoom.

•    PDF materials: Individual Delegate‘s Package (contains business opportunities relevant for a registrants scheduled meetings), Complete Company Profiles Package (contains all business opportunities).

•    Post-Marketplace: Access to this Marketplace’s partnering information for about three months; access to all downloadable partnering and event information of previously attended RauCon Marketplaces for as long as the user account is in operation.

In the case of meeting or travel restrictions decreed by the venue country's authorities or other cases of Force Majeure which could prevent the physical presence of some or all registrants, the video format will equivalently replace the in-person event at the venue.

Registration and Payment of Fee

Registration must be received by RauCon before or on November 11, 2020. Along with receiving confirmation and invoice and the euroPLX 74 Guide, registrants will be asked to provide non-confidential partnering information (the “myOpportunities Offer”) for this euroPLX Marketplace. RauCon reserves the right to close the registration period for the meetings event prematurely if organisational or capacity reasons so require. Video Meeting registration will be possible until the registration deadline indicated above.

For technical reasons relating to the partnering process registrations done through travel agents cannot be accepted.

Payment of registration (attendance) fee by bank transfer is strictly due before or by the due date stated on the invoice. Credit Card Payment has to be effected within one week. RauCon reserves the right to keep a registration pending or to deactivate a registrant's access to the partnering area as long as payment is not received.

Credit card charges are settled through the following payment service provider: HUELLEMANN & STRAUSS ONLINESERVICES S.à r.l., 1, Place du Marché, L-6755 Grevenmacher, R.C.S. Luxembourg B 144133, E-Mail: info @
CEO: Dipl. Vw. Mirko Hüllemann, Heiko Strauß, Ramona Spies


Fees and Timelines - euroPLX 74 Athens, November 23 November until 22 December, 2020

Very early*

€ 1,050

until 23 Jul 2020

4 months prior to event


€ 1,300

until 23 Sep 2020

2 months prior to event


€ 1,550

until end of Video Meetings Period

regular registration

* per registrant. Value Added Tax (presently at 16%) to be added for customers with residence in Germany. A reduced VAT rate applies for invoices issued between 1 July and 31 December 2020. The timelines are determined by Central European Time.


Multiple Registrations Bonus

Additional delegates of the same company will save €200 if they opt for same appointments; they will be charged the full registration (attendance) fee if they opt for separate in-person and / or video meetings.


Trainee Programme

RauCon offers the participation of Trainees in RauCon RauCon Marketplaces for Pharma Business Opportunities at a reduced registration (attendance) fee of €800 per Trainee.

For purposes of definition, a trainee is a person who
•    is currently being trained in BD&L
•    has never attended a RauCon Event before
•    will be accompanied by a regular attendee of the same company who will guide the Trainee through jointly attended meetings.

A Trainee will neither receive an individual schedule nor any documents, but will be invited to enjoy all meals and beverages at the meetings event just like a regular registrant. The Trainee status will be displayed on the name badge.

A company can register only one Trainee at a particular RauCon Marketplace.


Cancellation & Transfer Policy

Cancellation Policy: Registration fees are refundable in full if cancellation is received at the RauCon office in writing by September 23, 2020. Written cancellations received between September 24, 2020 and October 23, 2020, inclusive, will be subject to the payment of 50% of the registration fee. Cancellations after this date are non-refundable. Substitutions of registrants from the same company are welcomed anytime.

Frequent Attendee Cancellation Policy: Registrants who have personally attended three times or more, and at least once during the 12 months preceding the current RauCon Marketplace, may cancel their registration and be fully refunded if cancellation is received by October 23, 2020. Cancellations after this date are non-refundable.

Transfer-to-Next-Marketplace Policy: A one-time transfer of a registration to one of the next RauCon Marketplaces for Pharma Business Opportunities is possible free of charge until October 23, 2020. Any difference in fees resulting from bonuses applying at different times of registration is non-refundable. All subsequent transfers of the same registration will each be charged €450 in compensation for outlay and handling fees.


Right to Reject

RauCon reserves the right to reject a registration if the registrant is not a pharma or biopharma industry executive in charge with business development matters of his/her company, or a broker/consultant with a clear mandate (evidence compulsory).


Use of Names

The display of the names of the companies of registrants and of attending delegates in public and internal lists in various sections of is a requirement for the online and event process. If a formal permit on the side of the registrant's company is required, the registrant will undertake to procure the same prior to registration.

Force Majeure Clause

RauCon reserves the right to cancel, or hold entirely in remote access video format, the complete event in case of Force Majeure including, but not limited to, acts of God, war, terrorist attack, epidemic, disaster, strike, civil disorder, curtailment of transportation facilities, or emergency government order which would make it illegal, extraordinarily hazardous, or impossible to provide the facilities, travel to the event, or hold the event. In case of Force Majeure RauCon will not owe any indemnification to registrants.