euroPLX 74 Athens, Detailed Programme

Four session blocks provide maximum flexibility for your individual travel itinerary while ensuring the highest efficiency possible.


1st Day (Monday, November 23, 2020):



Registration, name badge, conference material

Block #1: Flexible Scheduling - Individual Arrivals


Scheduled One-on-One Meetings*


Business Lunch Buffet (individual breaks)

Block #2: Core Session - Obligatory Presence


Scheduled One-on-One Meetings*




euroPLX Business Networking Dinner Buffet

2nd Day (Tuesday, November 24, 2020):


Block #3: Core Session - Obligatory Presence


Coffee, Tea and Starter Pastries


Scheduled One-on-One Meetings*


Business Lunch Buffet (individual breaks)

Block #4: Flexible Scheduling - Individual Departures


Scheduled One-on-One Meetings*

* This is the general time frame of the main session. Individual schedules may start later or end earlier. One hour lunch breaks are planned individually.


The euroPLX Trainee Programme 2019

euroPLX is aware of the need to train would-be business development and licensing managers on the job due to an apparent lack of formal training opportunities for this profession. In order to support companies in their in-house training efforts, euroPLX offers the participation of Trainees in euroPLX Partnering Conferences at a substantially reduced registration fee of Euro 800 per Trainee.

For purposes of definition, a trainee is a person who

A Trainee will neither receive an individual schedule nor conference documents, but will be invited to enjoy all meals and beverages just like a regular registrant.

A company can register only one Trainee at a particular euroPLX Partnering Conference. The Trainee Programme is aimed at making newcomers familiar with the euroPLX process, it is not supposed to be a means for companies to save on registration fee.

euroPLX registrants who consider having a Trainee at a forthcoming euroPLX Partnering Conference are requested to register the Trainee through their euroPLX accounts.