Portugal Lockdown: New Marketplace Concept Stands the Test

Heidelberg (Germany) 22 February 2021. Amidst corona lockdown in Portugal, the 75th Marketplace for Pharma Business Opportunities again stands the acid test, adjusting very easily: Instead of 28 video meetings days plus two on-site event days the entire euroPLX 75 Lisbon Marketplace will be open on 30 video meetings days.

The Marketplace for Pharma Business Opportunities is an online exchange for pharma business development and a platform to arrange either real (in-person, provided that circumstances allow) or virtual (video) business meetings, or both.

The switch to the „online only“ format found a ready welcome by pharma business development executives: a few cancelled, but many more new registrants joined! The obvious reason: there is an urgent need for finally resuming business development activities, but travel restrictions, unreliable flight schedules, closed restaurants, testing, quarantining and similar nuisances make it difficult and time-consuming to attend in person. These are no issues anymore for the new Marketplace concept.

euroPLX 75 Lisbon will run online from 1 through 30 March 2021. The new single log-in, user account based system lets users conveniently make their own hours, just as it fits to their and their counterparts plans. Video meetings are instantly scheduled and held in a secure environment. Time zone differences are considered automatically. Upon request, users are alerted by SMS of upcoming meetings, to mention a few of the online communication system’s new and practical features that have been designed by the team of the Heidelberg, Germany, based RauCon GmbH & Co. KG.

The company’s Managing Director, Stefan Hilscher, says: „It took us several months of seven days a week flat out work to design and implement the system, but it took almost twice as long to make customers appreciate its outstanding features because the system is not only new, it constitutes a novel approach to partnering. It is a far cry from what else is around.“